Making healthcare affordable and accessible to all

Swastha Kutumbam Telemedicine – Twenty tele-medicine health centres have been set up in targeted areas in India. Modelled on a hub-and-spoke model, the first-of-its-kind primary care centres will be connected virtually to a doctor’s hub. Connected through high-speed bandwidth patient-doctor can feel comfortable, while interacting with each other.

Five goals are :

  • Equipped to offer point-of -care diagnostics and pharmacy services, the telemedicine centres will be supported by two mobile medical care units outfitted with state-of-the-art medical equipment. The mobile medical unit will screen and create virtual medical records of patients across target villages.

Digital Nerve Centre – The Digital Nerve Centre (DiNC) is a technology platform aimed at improving health services delivery. A seamless network that comprises digital elements and physical interventions, DiNC connects patients and doctors via a centralised platform. Manned by medical experts who manage the patient’s treatment cycle, DiNC operates through a centralised call centre to enable seamless care coordination.

Elder Spring – Response System for the Elderly Response system for the elderly (RSE) is a service that provides persons over 60 years of age the ability to reach out on a toll free number 14567 and ask for information, guidance, emotional support, and field intervention (rescue of abandoned elderly and care for abused elderly). Calls can also be made by other individuals on behalf of senior citizens. This service is driven by values of Consistency, Care, Empathy and Encouragement.

  • Disclaimer – The advice, assistance and/or services provided through this Connect Center number – 14567 – are covered by a disclaimer which can be found HERE.”