Rejuvenating ailing handloom through an end-to-end approach

Antaran is an initiative to work with lesser-known clusters in the country to achieve seminal changes in craft development and re-energise the weavers, especially the youth to take forward the expertise of their communities. The fine cotton weaving cluster of Venkatagiri in Andhra Pradesh was chosen in the South Zone and the  ‘Charkha to Market Antaran Program ‘ was initiated via direct implementation for capacity building and revival of the clusters traditional craft.


  • Create entrepreneur-led microenterprises across each activity in the value chain i.e. pre-loom, on-loom and post-loom.
  • Facilitate aid in design development, business management, marketing and communication.
  • Document and revive holistically the diluted traditional weaving practise and ensure its sustainable continuity.
  • Convey ground stories of Indian handloom and handicrafts to create awareness
  • Bring due recognition and returns to traditional artisans for their unique skills