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Download : Terms of Reference – Design, Supply, and Water Treatment Plants
Download : Terms of Reference – Construction of Water Plant Structures in Krishna District
Download : Terms of Reference – IOT for Automation Dispensing System
Download : Annexure B, elevations scale-up Telemedicine – Water Plant
Download : Annexure-A-Civil BOQ 1
Download : Annexure-A, Civil BOQ 2

Ending Open Defecation VCF focuses on the construction of individual household latrines for the most impoverished and improve the sanitary environments by including infrastructure such as drain systems and soak pits, as well as creating sanitation education and awareness campaigns.

  • Facilitating behavioral change is an important part of our mission  with communication campaigns and community based activities aimed at driving home the message
  • Establishing the Nigrani committee which monitors the open defecation status.

Water Resource Development in Drought Prone Rayalseema

  • Agriculture Technique Improvement – Creating supplementary irrigation, improving soil management by increasing water-holding capacity, introducing drought tolerant crop varieties and providing information on weather, markets and cropping options.
  • Groundwater Management – This will be done by creating a demand management system at the community level and embedding this in local government structures.
  • Building Water Conservation Infrastructure – Constructing farm ponds, lined ponds, rainwater harvesting and storage, and improving recharge of groundwater aquifers.

NTR Sujala– Building a hub and spoke model in Krishna district to provide purified safe drinking water, where a large RO plant of 10,000 Litres/hour capacity will be installed and supplied to all the spokes. This will supply potable water to 20 villages and cover a population of about 50,000 in 4 clusters.

  • Setting up the Hub RO Plant – VCF will be installing the plant and supporting in distribution of the drinking water supply.
  • Maintenance – Supporting maintenance of the plant for over 5 years.



Your support can help support sanitation needs of a village.