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Mr. Chitthappa, one of the progressive farmers in drought prone Anantapur to pilot with us on the introduction of a new goat breed, spoke glowingly of this intervention post its success. “The Osmanabadi goats have adapted well to the climate in our Gudibanda mandal and have yielded twins and triplets unlike the traditional breeds. The milk yield has also increased and they are gaining more weight in comparison. We are very happy that our income has improved because of this”.

Rural Prosperity Mission – Irreversibly and substantially increasing incomes for farmers, dairy producers, self help groups and agri entrepreneurs by showcasing end to end solutions that can be scaled with the help of the government. This is the second year of this program, which will focus on replicating and scaling up successful pilots of year 1.

  1. Creating Lakshadhikari Rythu – Creating livelihoods and enhancing incomes for tribal families in coastal Andhra region.
  2. Post Harvest Value Addition – Partnering with the local governments to create and brand locally grown produce.
  3. Lowering Input Costs – Creating Agri-Entrepreneurs allows for lower input costs for farmers and better seeds overall.  
  4. Improving Productivity – Crop specific improvements are demonstrated to show efficient, high yield and sustainable methods. 

Agri Tech  Transfer with Tel Aviv UniversityBringing cutting edge Israeli agri tech to Indian farms and extension services, while ensuring a data driven approach to farm management in order to increase productivity and incomes. This is in the second year of a five year program.

  • Leveraging Israeli Agri Tech – Bringing agri tech startups through pilots and hackathons to partner with Indian farmers in order to find a win-win solution.
  • Building a Data Driven Approach to Farming – Helping farmers capture and utilize data on the fields in order to benefit from the advantages.   
  • Israeli and Indian Fellows – Fellows collaborate and work on medium term projects that help build organizational strength of Farmer Producer Organizations(FPO) and Extension Services.

SHG Products Digital Marketing– Branding, marketing and promoting products produced by women entrepreneurs and Self-Help Groups through an online channel. Cutting out the middleman, women now get a fairer price for their products while being able to reach a much larger market.

  • Bringing curated SHG Products Online –  VCF helped build a brand : eMahila, which is now selling over 2,000 products including traditional crafts, handlooms, regional sweets and pickles all online.  
  • Economic Opportunity and Inclusion – This project aims to help disadvantaged communities achieve economic independence through technology and digital-storytelling.
  • Scaling post success –  The target in Andhra is to help bring products from over 300,000 SHG’s online and then replicate with the Mission Shakti in Odisha.

Village Development Program – Worked on improving the village facilities in all 265 gram panchayats in Vijayawada constituency. By building a participatory and collaborative approach we worked with local authorities to improve basic amenities and services, with the goal of creating model villages for replication across the country. The project also showcased how local governments can create sustainable models to solve existing problems.



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